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Current Exhibit

The art of Adam Davis

through December 2012 at the Art Spot Gallery at the Peachtree Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Library


Adam Davis is a painter who lives and works in Elberton, Georgia. He describes his life and his art:

"I was born in Elberton, GA on August 2, 1983. I have been an artist my entire life; I literally do not recall a moment in my life when art was not an obsession. I can remember the exact moment when I decided that I wanted to do art for a living, I was in my third grade social studies class and our text book had a reproduction of a painting titled "The Scout: Friends or Enemies" by Frederic Remington, and it opened up my mind to fine art for the first time.

"In middle school I had the opportunity to take art classes for the first time and my teacher became a mentor and friend with whom I still converse about my goals as an artist from time to time. High school offered more opportunity to further my studies in art with a wonderful teacher who encouraged me and allowed me the chance to try new mediums (including oil painting for the first time). Once I found oil, I knew I'd be a painter for life.

""I graduated from Elbert County Comprehensive High School in 2001 and enrolled at the University of Georgia with the immediate intention of majoring in Painting. After several years of college I took some time off. I married my best friend, and biggest supporter, who encouraged me to go back to UGA and finish my degree. I graduated from the Lamar Dodd School of Art in May of 2010 with a BFA in Painting. Shortly after graduation my wife, Randi, and I moved to Athens for a short period before resettling in Elberton to work and start a family.

"During the past two years I have worked on my paintings and drawings whenever I could. Using borrowed spaces as studios and great friends as first time figure models. I currently have two main series of works which I am focused on. The Kitsch Bird series which will be on display at the Peachtree Branch of the Atlanta Public Library, and the Saints series, which is my main focus.

"The Kitsch pieces are single-item still life paintings of various bird figurines which I've collected over time. I have a special fondness for these quirky representations of birds which I feel signify man's attempts to capture the freedom of these airborne animals. I love trying to capture the different surface characteristics of each figurine whether they be made of beads, feathers, ceramic glass or who knows what.

"The Saints series however is presently my major artistic focus. These are large paintings of nude figures representing the oft-overlooked Roman Catholic saints, rather than the more famous figures painted repeatedly throughout the Renaissance. I strip away the unnecessary clothing and papal garb to show these remarkable figures as simple mortal beings not unlike people today. I use gold leaf and oil on simple (often large) stained wood panels to create these men and women nude with only the attributes needed to hopefully hint at if not tell their stories."

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